Attachment-1Thank you for taking time to visit my campaign website.  In November 2014, the Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) Governing Board will have two county-wide openings for the first time ever.  I am a candidate for one of the two governing board seats.  MCCCD is an invaluable asset for Maricopa County.  The District has made an impact in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.  I am running for a seat on the governing board because I believe that my work experience, my passion for the community college student, and my vision for the new community college experience will compliment the board well.

The MCCCD operates ten colleges and two skill centers across the Valley.  Altogether, the District has more than 275,000 students, nearly 7,000 gifted faculty members, 2,500 hard-working support staff and 500 extremely professional administrators and managers.  Its primary purpose is to educate and train the workforce that represents the economic future of our state, our county, and all our families.  The bulk of the District’s budget of nearly $1.6 billion comes from your property taxes and student tuition fees.  So, as this crucial election approaches, I want to hear from you about your community college experience or your concerns and priorities for what is one of the most influential public entities in the State of Arizona.

Why am I interested in serving you on the MCCCD Governing Board?  I started out with very little myself and know just how important education is both for the individual and to the rest of society.  I am a product of the community college system and I attribute my success in life to the community college experience.  In addition, for 10 years, I was a public servant for the federal and state governments, learning and understanding how government can better serve taxpayers and helping to make it do so.  Now, as a successful small business owner, I live every day emphasizing the importance of staying within a budget and maximizing resources, as well as investing in the people who make any business succeed.  As a community college board member, I will bring my life experience to an organization that makes a tremendous economic and social impact on Maricopa County residents.  I welcome you to learn more about me by clicking here.

My platform will include:

•  Fiscal accountability and budget transparency;

•  Inter-connecting local governments with community colleges to foster greater economic development opportunities;

•  Advocating for innovation;

•  Increasing communication with the taxpayer;

•  An advocate for students and an affordable education.

Your comments are invaluable to me as I move forward with this journey.  Feel free to contact me at


Mario E Diaz
Candidate for Maricopa County Community College District
Governing Board
(623) 217-4484